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Encyclopedia of U.S. Gold Coins, 1795-1933

Tom Mulvaney's work has been featured in many numismatic books for over 40 years. You can browse the titles of the books by clicking below.

Tom's ANA Awards

2010 ANA Medal

ANA Honorary Doctor of Numismatics, 2011

2010 ANA Medal

ANA Award for Exemplary Service, 2010

Tom Mulvaney

Tom Mulvaney began collecting coins at an early age. Soon after graduating from the University of Dayton in 1970 with a degree in Communications, he was employed by Paramount International Coin Corporation in Ohio where he worked until the early 1980’s. Later, he went on to work for many of the largest firms in the coin industry including Mid-American Rare Coin Auctions, Bowers and Merena Galleries and Whitman Publishing. Although most recognize Tom for his numismatic photography skills, he has also worked as a rare coin buyer, licensed auctioneer, advertising writer and consultant to many of the largest numismatic firms in the business.

Tom’s photography has appeared in dozens of the most popular numismatic reference books and catalogs. Recently, he photographed thousands of coins in the National Collection at the Smithsonian Institution for the Encyclopedia of U.S. Gold Coins by Ron Guth and Jeff Garrett. This award winning book features photographs of virtually every known United States Gold Coin, including patterns! At Whitman Publishing, Tom was responsible for supplying and updating photographs in their dozens of popular numismatic references including the best-selling Guidebook of U.S. Coins, popularly known as the Red Book. In 2005, the United States Mint asked Tom to photograph all 10 of the 1933 Double Eagles held at Ft. Knox, Kentucky. These photos have appeared in many widely circulated articles pertaining to the legality of these coins.

The highlight of his career came from 1996-1999 when he worked with noted numismatist and author, David W. Akers, on the sale of the famous John Jay Pittman Collection. Tom served as catalog photographer, numismatist and auctioneer for the three Pittman Auction Sales which realized a total of nearly $30 million. Two of the three Pittman catalogues were also awarded the prestigious “Catalogue of the Year” Award presented by the Numismatic Literary Guild. Today, these catalogs are considered among the finest numismatic references ever published.

For many years, Tom has also volunteered at the American Numismatic Association’s Summer Seminars in Colorado Springs, Colorado where he teaches a week-long course on digital coin photography. For his efforts, Tom has received the following awards from the ANA:

  • 2006-Medal of Merit
  • 2009-A.N.A. Presidential Award
  • 2010-Exemplary Service Award
  • 2011-Honorary Doctorate of Numismatics
  • 2011-The Glenn Smedley Award

Tom is a Life Member (LM-3607) of the American Numismatic Association and also holds memberships in the American Numismatic Society, Numismatic Literary Guild, Central States Numismatic Society, Florida United Numismatists, Liberty Seated Coin Club, Bluegrass Coin Club, and others.


2006 ANA Medal     ANA      2009 ANA Medal      2011 Glen Smedley Medal

   ANA Medal of Merit, 2006 | Life Member #3607 | ANA Presidential Award, 2009 | Glenn Smedley Medal, 2011

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